At Niverville Community Fellowship we call our Sunday School program “eXplore & More” and we offer a variety of classes designed to help people, young and old, to understand and live out their Christian faith. 

Did you know that "X" is a symbol for Christ?  

That's why we use it in our name "eXplore & More"!!

eXplore & More classes will be resuming in fall 2020.

Children and Youth

Our classes for children and youth are divided by age group!

  • Preschool

    Ages 2 -3 | Teacher: Karis Hiebert, Room 406

    Preschool | Teacher: Kezia Klassen/Chenoa Funk, Room 407

    Kindergarten | Teacher: Anika Dueck/Hannah Hiebert, Room 408

  • Grade School

    Grade 1/2 | Teacher: Alia Kehler, Room 203

    Grade 3 | Teacher: Karoline Schellenberg, Room 206

    Grade 4/5 Girls | Teacher: Dayna Ens, Room 201

    Grade 4/5 Boys | Michael Doerksen, Room 202

  • Youth

    Junior Youth: Grades 6 - 8 | Teacher: Mike Bouwman, Room 404

    Senior Youth: Grades 9 - 12 | Teacher: Sheila Rempel, Room 405


eXplore & More also offers adult elective classes on a rotating schedule. Our adult classes run anywhere from 6-13 weeks. You’ll find classes related to family issues, Bible study, mental health, missions, and more; all designed to help you grow in your faith so you can impact your world.