At Niverville Community Fellowship our Sunday School program offers a variety of classes designed to help people, young and old, to understand and live out their Christian faith. 

Children and Youth

Our classes for children and youth are divided by age group!

  • Preschool

    Classroom Style Teaching

    Ages 3 -5

    Teacher: Rhea Peters and Laura Hill

    Basement, Room 406

  • Grade School

    worship and Classroom Style Teaching

    Grade 1-3 Boys and Girls

    Teacher: Karoline Schellenberg

    Fellowship Hall/Upstairs Room 205

    Grade 4-5 Boys

    Teacher: Rob Redekop and Stacy Funk

    Fellowship Hall/Upstairs Room 202

    Grade 4-5 Girls

    Teacher: Lisa Macloskie and Dayna Ens

    Fellowship Hall/Upstairs Room 203

  • Youth

    Classroom Style Teaching

    Jr Youth Grades 6-8  |  Upstairs Classroom 202 |  Teacher: Matt Antonio/Lois Neufeld

    Sr Youth Grades 9-12  |  Downstairs Youth Room 403 |  Teacher: Cam/Jeannine Funk


NCF also offers adult elective classes on a rotating schedule. Our adult classes run anywhere from 6-13 weeks. You’ll find classes related to family issues, Bible study, mental health, missions, and more; all designed to help you grow in your faith so you can impact your world.  

  • Ladies Sunday School

    Basement room#402

    We will be using "The Better Mom Devotional" as a basis for our mornings.  This will involve a short reading and then discussion and coffee.  This class is for woman of all ages, but is in the toddler room so those with little ones can play while we learn and share.

  • Adult Sunday School

    Main Sanctuary

    “Paradigm” - Led by David Ward

    When we read the Bible, all of us are influenced by a paradigm - a set of beliefs and assumptions that form a framework for reading, interpreting, and understanding the scriptures. But how does the Bible want itself to be read? This class is an adaptation of a Bible Project Podcast series that seeks to build a paradigm for approaching the Bible that is in tune with the nature of scripture.